HRVA Happenings-Self Isolation Edition

Erin Ward
Erin Ward
Published on March 20, 2020

The HRVA Homes team is dedicated to helping our community stay healthy, and sane, during this social distancing time period. From hosting virtual tours, virtual consultations, and even a virtual happy hour we want to do what we can to help this process run as smoothly as it can for everyone. Look below for some great activities to help you get through these next few weeks from the comfort and safety of your home. Not feeling very comfortable or happy in your home? Reach out to the HRVA Homes team today and we can help you find your dream home!

Take a Virtual Museum Tour

The Chrysler

The Louvre

The National Museum of Natural History

The Dali Theatre Museum

The Vatican Museums

Clean out the closets-but with a twist!

The goodwill challenge-home closest version! Take turns picking out each others outfits for the day, making them as silly and fun as you can. Or, have a fashion show! Come up with different categories and have everyone put together their outfits. As everyone goes through their closets, take the time to put any items that no longer fit or don’t spark inspiration into the donate pile. Any items that are too worn out, torn, or with stains that won’t budge either turn into dusting clothes or toss in the trash.

Movie Night!

Can’t agree on a movie? Let a coin toss & a dice roll decide for you! Designate a coin tosser and a dice roller. The coin will decide the category while the dice will decide the movie in the category. Have the coin tosser flip the coin 5 times, or however many times you all decide. Keep track of the order the coin lands on. Heads means up, tails means down. Then have the dice roller roll the dice, again however many times you all decide. Once you have landed on the category let the number you rolled on the dice the movie in the category. Don’t forget to change to child mode if littles ones are with you.

Long Distance Movie Night Netflix now has a screen share option! Call up your friends, grab your popcorn, and enjoy your favorite movies or tv shows on Netflix Party together.

Don’t forget the snacks! Check out this page with over 35+ movie night snack recipes to make together!

Stay Active!

Play backyard games like tic-tac-toe, jenga, giant yatzee, twister, connect four, croquet, badmitton, volleyball, etc.

Plan Zoom workouts with your friends and family. Youtube is a great source of free workouts to help you stay active during social distancing, and plenty of gyms are offering free online classes.

We hope everyone stays healthy & happy this weekend!

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