Heroes At Home (Military Spouse Awards)

Erin Ward
Erin Ward
Published on February 10, 2019

After 14 years in the Military Spouse community moving to Hampton Roads, Virginia in 2009 was an amazing experience for me. As an area with a major military presence to include every branch of service, the world’s largest Navy base, and the largest contention of Active Duty Military in the United States, it was like coming home. It’s an amazing area where almost everyon supports and appreciates military families, and in some way almost everyone has direct ties to the military.

I jumped right into the Hampton Roads community by volunteering and giving back. I spent years working for the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network and Corporate America Supports You. Two outstanding organizations focused on assisting with employment issues within the military community. I also volunteered with local nonprofit organizations that gave back and supported the military right here in Hampton Roads. It wasn’t long after arriving I learned about The Heroes at Home Military Spouse Awards and I was blown away by the platform. To watch the community honor one of my fellow Military Spouses just seemed like a no-brainer and I loved everything about the idea.

Heroes-at-Home Military Spouse Awards
HRVA Homes highlights the Heroes at Home Awards

Veterans are rightly and often honored within ours and many other communities, but military spouses who have unique struggles with constant moves, lack of understanding employment opportunities, childcare, mental health, well they can often be forgotten. That’s why programs like Heroes at Home are so important in recognizing those military spouses that are going above and beyond in giving back to the military communities they live in. When we celebrate a positive military spouse environment in the community everyone wins.

Many past nominees and winners have run family support groups, worked, volunteered and even founded new nonprofits within the community and made other large impacts that have led to improvements making military life better and even improved the local community as a whole.

These military spouses all give their time while also juggling their own military spouse lives and overcoming many of the obstacles that come with it.

Military Spouse nominees are nominated by the community and a panel reviews each application reviewing their accolades before picking an overall winner. No popularity contest, or Facebook voting, just a group of outstanding local military supporters choosing an outstanding winner.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to speak at the event in Virginia Beach and Ft. Lee in Richmond, VA to share the story of my military spouse path and my tips to make it less of a struggle. I will always remember hearing the amazing stories of each nominee and being truly moved by their sacrifices and ability to make military life just a bit better for all of us. These spouses had logged thousands of hours of volunteer time, supported large family groups, volunteered with non-military community based organizations and even created new organizations that were making huge waves within the community. It was beyond impressive.

The awards are coming up again here in Hampton Roads, Central Virginia and in Jacksonville. If you are local to the area I highly encourage you to nominate, attend and if you can absolutely sponsor this fantastic program! You will definitely find me there again this year cheering loudly for these fantastic spouses!

Nomination Deadline:  February 15, 2019

Event Date:  Thursday, May 2, 2019

Visit Heroes at Home Awards

Read more about Erin’s 2015 Heroes at Home speech here

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