Friday Five

Erin Ward
Erin Ward
Published on July 16, 2020

The Friday Five blog is here with outdoor activities to help keep the little ones or kids-at-heart entertained!

Water Balloon Volleyball

Items needed:

A net or line, water-balloons, and towels-two players per towel!

Game & image from the Urban Goes Country blog!

Colorful Squirt Gun Painting

Items needed:

-Squirt guns, watercolor paper, liquid watercolor paint, and an easel

Idea & photo from the Fireflies & Mud Pies blog

Flipper Fill-Up

Items needed:

Flippers, large tote filled with water, Small bucket, 2 or 3 Gallon bucket

To Play:
This is a timed event. Participants put on flippers, fill up the small bucket (from the large tote of water) and walks to the 3 gallon bucket with the small bucket on their head. Once they reach the 3 gallon bucket, they pour the water into the bucket. They run back to the start line (still in flippers) where they tag their teammate, remove their flippers, and their teammate puts on the flippers, etc… Once the bucket is full, the timer is stopped. Record the time.

Game & image from the How Does She blog

Human Ring Toss

Items needed:

Pool rings! We suggest at least 6.

To play:

Pick your teams and divide the rings evenly between teams
Decide on distance away from the person to ring that’s challenging, but doable – we settled on about 6 ft. away
To ensure that there is no cheating – It might be a good idea to place a marker down for the person that you’re going to ring and for the people throwing rings to stand on or behind
When you’re ready, start ringing your human!
*The human has to stand on their mark, but can bend at the waist and point arms up in the direction of the pool ring to make it easier to ring them – to make it more challenging for older kids and adults you can disregard this variation
Rings count as 2 points for a full ring (I think that around the neck counts) and 1 point for a pool ring that is leaning on on touching the target/human
First team to get to 21 points wins!

Game & image from the Kid Friendly Things to Do blog

Cup to Cup

Items needed:

Two buckets and plastic cups

To Play:

Put one full bucket of water in the grass and have one player sit right behind the bucket.
Have the rest of the team sit in a straight line right behind the first player.
Have the last person in the line turn and face the other way so the last two players are back to back instead of one after another.
Put another either smaller bucket or a bucket with a marked halfway line in front of the last player.

Give the first player an empty cup. They must dip the cup in the full bucket of water and pass it backwards over their head to the next kid.
The second kid must then pass it over to the third and so on until the final kid on the team dumps the water in the cup into the empty bucket.
Then pass the empty cup of water back up to the front. To make it harder, blindfold everyone. The first team to fill their bucket wins!

Game & image from the Play Party Plan blog

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