8 Tips for Selling your Hampton Roads Home

Erin Ward
Erin Ward
Published on July 24, 2018

When it’s time to sell your Hampton Roads you can list it and hope it sells or you can take these 8 tips and put them into play to sell your home fast!

1. Price your home right!

According to the National Association of Realtors, price is the reason most homes don’t sell. We often find that sellers see their neighbors selling their homes and think they can use that same sales price to sell their homes, unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Many factors go into correct pricing of homes, this is why having an agent with knowledge of the local market pulse and proper pricing strategies will help you sell quickly. We know that the longer a home sits on the market the more likely it is a large price drop will be coming in the future. 

2.Not being open to pricing changes.

Even when your home is priced right you will need to be open and flexible to pricing changes. This is very often the case in a buyer’s market. If you receive an offer lower than your listed price be open to negotiations so that you don’t face long term effects of being on the market longer. Don’t forget your goal is to sell fast!

3. Clean and then clean some more!

We all have to live in our homes, and with living can come the normal everyday lived in homes we are used to, but when you are selling your house it needs to be spotless. It’s a great time to declutter, move things to storage to make more room an even possibly make rooms bigger. You can also bring in help to keep things neat and tidy! Our friends at Prosperous Cleaning can help you stay showing ready!

4. Professional Photos are a must!

When more than 80% of home buyers find their homes online these days, having professional photos of your home is a must. All of our HRVA Homes clients are treated to a FREE staging consultation and professional photos. These photos are what draw a potential buyer to your home!

5. Remove items that can turn buyers off.

Religious and political items are just fine in your home almost any time, except when you are selling. You never know the beliefs or political feelings of a potential buyer. Don’t distract buyers from picturing themselves in your home.

6. Leave for open houses.

Take it from us, when a seller hangs around and buyers are there it’s uncomfortable. Most buyers feel like they are intruding and often do not spend as much time exploring the potential of your home so get out of the way and remember the goal… getting your home sold!

7. Be flexible!

We know it can be tough to have people in and out of your house all the time, but if you want to sell you need to be flexible. Let our team add a Lockbox to your house so we can control the coming and going of agents. Keep in mind that being ready and flexible for showings as they come will make it easy to get buyers in and get your home sold! When agents cannot confirm showing appointments due to a sellers desire not to allow them to show the home they rarely try and reschedule and it could mean the loss of a potential buyer. 

8. Take those pets with you!

We have shown houses with dogs that barked constantly, the poor things were so stressed to have strangers in their home. We don’t blame them, but it can often make a showing very difficult and often cut it short. Whenever possible arrange for your pets to be away from the home, it will not only help you, but it will help your pets not feel so stressed!


These 8 tips are just a few that you will get when working with the HRVA Homes team. Call or text 757-303-2367 or choose Contact Us from the About tab the to set up your free no obligation consultation to learn more.

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