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10 Home Chores To Do Annually

Erin Ward

Sing me some graces, there is such a thing as over-cleaning! Here are ten chores around the home that you...

Local Events Happening in the 757!

Erin Ward

There is a lot happening in the 757 this weekend! Here are just a few of the local events that...

An important thing about your new home that your real estate agent is forbidden to te...

Erin Ward

“What’s the crime rate in this area?” It’s a common question and we understand completely why homebuye...

Save Your Home From Dryer Fires

Erin Ward

Every year, more than 2900 home fires are started by clothes dryers. The leading cause of these fires is from....

Back-to-School: Are you Ready?

Erin Ward

Back to pencils, back to books . . . we are getting closer to the day our students head back...

Local Events Happening in the 757 August 10th-12th

Erin Ward

    There is a lot happening in the 757 this weekend! Here are just a few of the local...

3 benefits of buying a newly-constructed home

Erin Ward

Look at three or four resale homes during your house hunt and you’ll start getting the feeling that, should ...

Kitchen Improvements Under $100

Erin Ward

Want to spruce up your kitchen but stuck on a tight budget? Check out the list of improvements you can...

Keep your home safe while on vacation

Erin Ward

Planning for a vacation is distracting. Sitting at your desk at work, mentally going over what you’ll need t...


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